Comparison of Optimal Path Planning Algorithms

This work is concerned with path planning algorithms which have an important place in robotic navigation. Mobile robots must be moved to the relevant task point in order to be able to fulfill the tasks assigned to them. However, the movements planned in a frame or random may affect the duty time and even in some situations, the duty might be failed. When such problems are taken into consideration, it is expected that the robots should go to the task point and complete their tasks within the shortest time and most suitable way. It is aimed to give results about a comparison of some known algorithms. With this thought, a map for a real time environment has been created and the appropriateness of the algorithms are investigated with respect to the described starting/end points. According to the results, the shortest path is found by the A* algorithm. However, it is observed that the time efficiency of this algorithm very low. On the other hand, PRM algorithm is the most suitable method in terms of elapsed time. In addition to this, algorithm path length is closer to the A* algorithm. The results are analyzed and commented according to the statistical analysis methods.



Prepared by Mehmet Korkmaz, Akif Durdu

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