Modeling a Distributed Control System With Fuzzy Logic in Wireless Sensor Network Based Industrial Environments

Today, there are many problems in control applications. The most important one of them is the problem of the construction of a mathematical model for control unit. Complex algorithms without mathematical model are required traditionally to control the systems. The fuzzy logic which is one of the methods of intelligent control allows us to control the system according to the rules which are written by the system specialist. Wireless sensor networks are used in the applications such as target tracking and monitoring. In recent years, sensors are produced as cheap, small and smart. These types of sensors can communicate with each other by using the wireless networks. The design of a wireless system depends on the goals of the application, cost and system constraints. In this study, a distributed control system is modeled and controlled by fuzzy logic in the wireless sensor networks based industrial environments.


Prepared by Üzeyir İlbay Bozkurt and Akif Durdu

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