Detection of Vortex at the Deep Well Submersible Pumps by Using Fuzzy Logic Controller and Impacts on Pump Operating Characteristics

Today, submersible deep well pumps are the most commonly used type of pump purpose of irrigation from groundwater sources. For these pumps, one of the major factors affecting the performance is the dynamic water level changing in wells. Changes of input water-speeds of pump are tracked according to water level in the well. Different types of vortex which is based on water movements may occur in entrance of the pump. The resulting vortex and types depend on submergence, well diameter and pump parameters such as flow rate, diameter, suction inlet-section and shape.
In this study, the test unit equipped for research purposes was used in a deep well. According to the dynamic water level of submersible pump, changes in pressure, flow rate and noise were automatically saved. Fuzzy logic controller as a method of intelligent control methods was applied in this study in order to determine the consisting of the vortex.
At the end, it is shown that the vortex in the well is automatically detected by depending on the value of submergence, pressure, flow rate and noise.


Prepared by Akif Durdu, Nuri Orhan, Sedat Çalışır

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