Speed Control of a DC Motor with Variable Load Using Sliding Mode Control

Abstract— Sliding mode control method (SMC), which is built on Variable structure control (VSC) theory, is a robust nonlinear control method creating insensibility against to modeling errors, external disturbing effects and parametric change of the system. In this paper, control of a DC Motor used in particularly robots and countless industrial applications is carried out by using SMC and analysis are also performed under load changes. It is desirable that motors operating under load in robotic applications must not be affected by changes depending on loading condition. In this paper, SMC Method is used against to this situation which is affected stability of system and performance of motor. Modeling of a DC motor, designing of its controller and overall analyses are performed by using actual data. When comparisons between proposed method and commonly used PID control are made in terms of performance analyses, it is seen that SMC method produces more successful results.

 Index Terms— control of DC motor, nonlinear control method, PID, robust control, sliding mode control

Prepared by Emre Hasan Dursun and Akif Durdu

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